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Caesars Superdome – New Orleans Bowl

Photos by Justin Sutton, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.29

Caesars Superdome 1500 Sugar Bowl Dr New Orleans, LA 70112

New Orleans Bowl website

Caesars Superdome website

Year Opened: 1975 Capacity: 72,003


New Orleans Bowl

Note: The sports venue name changed from Mercedes-Benz Superdome to Caesars Superdome July, 2021.

Featuring a team from the Sun Belt conference taking on a foe out of Conference-USA, the R&L Carriers New

Orleans Bowl has posted some of the largest attendance numbers of any non-BCS bowl game the past few years, largely thanks to the fans of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns who have adopted the game over the past three years.

With the primetime spot on the first day of the bowl season, the New Orleans Bowl, hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, has provided an excellent atmosphere for fans attending one of the season’s first bowl games.

Food & Beverage 4

Fans attending games at the Superdome do not have to worry about finding something that fits their taste or shows a bit of the local flavor. Items such as shrimp baskets, shrimp po-boys, chicken tender baskets, chicken wings, hot dogs and more are available.

In addition there are nacho stands that offer a variety of different nacho items, and there are concession stands devoted to different styles of hamburgers.

Fans can pick up fountain sodas or a variety of beer such as Stella at the concession stands. More beers are available at the Coors Light Cold Zone, and cocktails can be purchased from different vendors as well.

The only knock on the concession areas is the prices. To walk away with a cheeseburger, a fan will drop $10.75, and a Mediterranean Burger will cost $15. A large draft beer costs nine dollars, and since a small beer costs eight dollars, purchasing the large is the way to go if buying beer.

Of course, if you are looking to grab a meal in the Superdome, you are doing New Orleans all wrong.

Atmosphere 4

The Louisiana-Lafayette fans have practically made this game their biggest home game of the season as the school made consecutive appearances in three consecutive years. The team won the game three straight years, and the fans continue to respond by showing up at the game, breaking the previous years’ attendance record each time. While attendance of 50K plus is not a capacity crowd for the Superdome, the enthusiasm of the crowd makes for a loud, exciting environment, and while the Ragin’ Cajun fans may dominate the numbers in attendance, fans from other schools, such as Tulane, also bring a strong contingent of vocal fans.

Neighborhood 5

Very few cities in the United States can compare with New Orleans when it comes to entertainment. The Big Easy has a reputation as a city where everyone can have a good time, and without a doubt, this is true.

From the French Quarter to the Audubon Zoo to the Garden District, there is something for everyone in New Orleans. Fortunately fans headed to a game at Superdome will have no problem accessing all of the good times available in New Orleans.

For those interested in a great night on the town, the French Quarter covers about any interest. From karaoke at the Cats Meow to the piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s, a good time lurks on nearly every corner. If you get hungry late at night, a visit to Café Du Monde can take care of a beignet craving, and for those wanting to indulge in something a little stronger than coffee, the number of bars and walk-up service windows will take care of your needs.

In the morning, a trip to Mother’s can provide just the right breakfast to get your day going in the right direction. Be prepared to order quickly as the line moves fast and those not ready do not get much time to order.

Partying is far from the only thing available in New Orleans. Children will love the Audubon Zoo, Imax Theater, the Aquarium, and the Insectariums. In addition, there are many different museums for patrons to visit, and several quality golf courses in town as well.

With so much to do and so much fun to be had, New Orleans provides a place that is unlike any other. No wonder Cowboy Mouth sang a song called Take Me Back to New Orleans.

Fans 4

For starters, the location of the New Orleans Bowl will make it one of the most attended non-BCS bowl games of the season. That combined with the excitement shown by the fans at the game means these folks helped to generate an amazing atmosphere.

With an 8pm kickoff, the New Orleans bowl allows fans to have a great time before heading to the game, and once inside the fans keep the party going. Many cheered from before kickoff until the game ended.

A glimpse around the stadium showed fans covered in body paint, waving flags, hoisting signs and staying loud. The fans seem to want to have the win as much as their team does.

Access 5

Getting to the Superdome should not present much of a problem to anyone heading to the New Orleans Bowl.

With two different exits off of Interstate 10, fans will have a few different options for reaching their destination. Plenty of parking is available on Poydras, and parking can also be found at the Superdome garages. However, if you drive a large vehicle or one over 6′ 5″ tall, you may want to consider parking in other areas around the Superdome. Those areas can be as close as a block or so away, and their price will vary based on the expected crowd attending the game.

If staying in around the French Quarter or Canal Street before or after the game, the best plan would be to leave the car at the hotel and either walk or take a taxi to the game.

Fans from far away can also easily reach New Orleans through the air as most major airlines connect to New Orleans within one stop of the origin of the flight.

Once in the Superdome, movement around the facility is pretty easy with wide-open concourses.

Return on Investment 4

One of the best ways to make a bowl game a solid investment is to make a vacation out of the trip. New Orleans, and the bowl as well, help make this an enjoyable idea for fans coming to the game. For starters, the New Orleans Bowl has a free Friday night party and concert – last year’s match-up featured Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt among other parties and activities.

Tickets to the game cost around $40, which can be a steep price for larger families traveling to the game, but is not outrageous by college football standards. With the New Orleans Bowl drawing large crowds the past few years, fans have not been able to beat those prices by much on the secondary market.

Parking for the game is not outrageous, so the typical family of four can get in the doors for under $200.

Extras 4

The New Orleans Bowl offers many things that other bowls simply cannot offer. For starters, the city itself is one of a kind. New Orleans itself is worth an extra star.

In addition to the fun of New Orleans, the bowl also has a fan party in Champions Square the night before the game providing a place to have fun and a concert for fans who have already arrived in town.

The New Orleans Bowl has done a good job of providing a matchup between competitive teams with many close contests in the game’s thirteen-year history.

The history of the Superdome adds to the experience of a game. The venue has hosted several Super Bowls and NCAA championships. It will also host Wrestlemania 30. It also has a dark moment, when it was called Hell on Earth in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. All of this makes this landmark even more special.

Final Thoughts

So is it worth it? The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is a must-stop bucket list item for any sports fan. While in the Dome, reflect back on some of the great events hosted inside the massive structure from the great Pistol Pete Maravich and the NBA’s New Orleans Jazz, to BCS National Championships, Super Bowls, NCAA Final Fours, and many more.

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