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Melching Field at Conrad Park - Stetson Hatters

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

Melching Field at Conrad Park 555 South Woodland Blvd DeLand, FL 32724

Year Opened: 1999 Capacity: 2,500


Stetson Baseball Comfort

Taking in a baseball game at Stetson’s Conrad Park at Melching Field is both comfortable and enjoyable, mixing the conveniences of a college baseball field with the feeling of a minor-league field.The stadium is nestled in a small-town Florida feeling that everyone should experience at some point.Conrad Park at Melching Field truly offers the best of central Florida around the stadium, and offers some great family fun at the ballpark.

Food & Beverage 3

The stadium offers two concessions stands, but both can handle the crowd of even a sellout game pretty well. The offerings are pretty standard for baseball fare, ranging from hot dogs ($3) and Cracker Jack ($2) to burgers ($4/$5) and peanuts ($3). Prices don’t rise higher than $5 for anything, with drinks ranging from $2 to $4 for small to large.

Perhaps the neatest thing on the menu is a Key Lime Pie on a stick for $4, something you don’t get at stadiums elsewhere.

Atmosphere 4

The feeling at Conrad Park at Melching Field is unique, as the facility is not in the middle of campus, yet still holds on to the college atmosphere one expects to feel in NCAA baseball stadiums. While the stadium may not look like the ultra-modern shining temples of newer stadiums, it nonetheless holds up for having opened in 1999.The outside is well-manicured, with large trees along the street and near the parking lot.The inside features comfortable individual seats behind home plate, while the remaining seats are bleachers with backs to them.The stadium is also decked out from top to bottom in Stetson colors, logos, and memorabilia.

Neighborhood 5

Conrad Park at Melching Field is located just blocks from the heart of downtown DeLand, Florida. DeLand is known for being one of the quintessential small towns in Central Florida, featuring the quietness one would expect from such an atmosphere. In addition, the town is just a short drive up I-4 from Daytona Beach, only an hour from Orlando, and is surrounded by several state parks and great nature areas.

For those wanting to travel and see the sights, Blue Springs State Park is home to manatees upon manatees in the winter months. In addition, the NASCAR Racing Experience is not far away, located just north on I-4 in Daytona Beach. For hotels, Comfort Inn DeLand and Hampton Inn & Suites DeLand are the closest spots. For food, Shokudo 413 is a popular sushi stop just blocks away from Conrad Park at Melching Field. Doug & Lil’s Potato Patch is also a popular breakfast and brunch place near the stadium.

Fans 3

Fans flock to Conrad Park at Melching Field, but the crowds aren’t exactly rowdy. That said, they do know their Hatters players, and are usually fans of the team alongside family members who went to the university.

While sellouts aren’t frequent, the facility is small, meaning crowds tend to fill in the seating pretty well. However, there isn’t the massive eruption of noise with home runs that you get at bigger D1 programs. Nonetheless, the fans remain family-friendly and enjoyable overall.

Access 3

Getting to Conrad Park at Melching Field involves driving on some small-town roads.Either exit 116 or 118 on I-4 will take you to DeLand. Once there, the stadium is off of US-17 and Euclid Ave. Parking is plentiful on site and across the street, making finding a spot easy. Getting around the stadium is also easy, thanks to plenty of signage around to help you figure out where your seats are.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets to Stetson baseball games at Conrad Park at Melching Field are pretty affordable, meaning taking the family to watch some baseball is a lot more affordable than driving to see a professional MLB stadium in Tampa or Miami. With the addition of low concessions prices, you can take the family and friends to baseball without depleting your entire banking account.


Extras 3

The downstairs area inside Conrad Park at Melching Field features two large trophy cases that showcase photos and trophies from Stetson’s baseball championships and tournament appearances. The team also celebrates their MLB stars who graduated, including 2-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. The staff also has a giveaways table set up at games, with t-shirts and posters usually the most popular items being given away to fans in attendance.

Final Thoughts

Conrad Park at Melching Field is located in a beautiful corner of Florida, meaning you can visit and enjoy the area around the stadium while taking in the game. The stadium’s central location in Florida means you’re also not far from most major cities in the state. Low prices will greet fans, making the game one you can go to without losing your life savings. The family-friendly atmosphere also means you get to enjoy the game in peace and comfort.

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