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Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field – William & Mary Tribe

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.29

Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field 275 Tennis Ct Williamsburg, VA 23185

Year Opened: 2004

Capacity: 1,000


Home of the Tribe

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, the College of William & Mary is one of the oldest universities in the United States. Founded by King William III and Queen Mary II of England in 1693, William & Mary predates the founding of the country by almost a century. Only Harvard University is older. W&M’s athletic programs are known as the Tribe, and they compete in the Colonial Athletic Association.

The Tribe’s soccer teams play just off campus at Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field, which is located in a complex that is also home to Plumeri Park, home to Tribe baseball. The stadium opened in 2004 and was named after men’s soccer coach Al Albert and women’s soccer coach John Daly. It was upgraded significantly in 2011 following a sizeable donation from Eff and Patty Martin and their children. Their names were then added to the stadium.

Food & Beverage 3

There is a concession stand available at a table on the concourse near the entrance. Grilled items such as burgers and hot dogs are for sale, as are assorted snacks such as chips, cookies, and Welch’s Fruit Snacks. Bottled soda and water are also available. Prices here are reasonable so you shouldn’t have to pay too much for anything.

Atmosphere 4

When you walk into Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field, the first thing you will notice is the banners hanging on the back of the bleachers showing the Tribe’s soccer achievements over the years. The brick exterior of the stadium and the back of the bleachers make you think this stadium is a lot older than it is – it was only built In 2004. Of course, the college as a whole is much older and this is likely intended to emulate that.

From the concourse, you will walk up a flight of stairs or a ramp to the bleachers. The bleachers are not that large as the stadium only seats a thousand people, so you should have a pretty good view of the action no matter where you sit. None of the bleachers have backs, although some fans like to bring portable chairbacks.

There is also a standing room area next to the bleachers, although fans are not permitted to stand in the front aisle of the bleachers and watch from there. A scoreboard at the stadium shows shots and corner kicks in addition to the score and game clock.

Neighborhood 4

The good news is that Williamsburg is a great city. The bad news is that Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field is far removed from most of the best parts. Colonial Williamsburg is about a ten-minute drive away while the Busch Gardens amusement park is 15 minutes away. Williamsburg seems to have an inordinately large number of pancake houses for its size, so if you come in the night before, you will certainly find somewhere to grab breakfast. Originally, hotels catering to tourists did not serve breakfast and would instead recommend nearby pancake houses. While many hotels do now have restaurants, the pancake houses remain.

Fans 5

According to the official attendance numbers, William & Mary draws 100 to 200 fans a game, but the stadium seems more full than that. When Stadium Journey visited, the ticket takers were having a confused discussion with each other over who to count as they entered the venue, so perhaps some fans are not being counted for some reason. In any case, the fans who do attend come decked in William & Mary gear and rocking the green and gold.

They are loud, passionate, boisterous, and knowledgeable about their team. There are some friends and family of the players, but there are also longtime William & Mary fans who are just looking to cheer on the Tribe. The off-campus location of the stadium means there are almost no students in attendance, but the rest of the crowd makes up for the lack of a student section with their energy.

Access 2

The athletic complex that houses the soccer stadium is located a few miles off Interstate 64. There are a few small lots located within where fans can park, but they will fill up at which point fans park haphazardly anywhere they can find room. It can be a tight fit getting out at the end of the game because of where all the cars are parked. Parking is free on weekends but you will need to pay with a smartphone app on weekdays. It will start at $3 and go up depending on how long you stay.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets are $10 each, which is at the high end for college soccer. Some top-tier programs charge that much, but most schools of William & Mary’s caliber charge less or even have free admission. That being said, discounts are available to the military, seniors, and youth, and even $10 certainly won’t break the bank. Concessions are affordable, and we recommend going on a weekend to avoid having to pay for parking.

Extras 2

One star for the banners on the back of the bleachers honoring all the history of William & Mary soccer. A second star for the marketing table which gives away free programs and other items.

Final Thoughts

Although college soccer doesn’t quite have the appeal of college football in the fall, Martin Family Stadium at Albert-Daly Field is a gorgeous venue that feels modern while at the same time having a rustic appearance. This is emblematic of William & Mary, and the City of Williamsburg as a whole. On a crisp fall afternoon, spending a couple of hours taking in a soccer game here can be an enjoyable experience for any fan.

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