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Battleground Athletic Complex - Mary Washington Eagles

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Battleground Athletics Complex

Hanover Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Fly Like an Eagle

Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the University of Mary Washington plays its soccer games at the Battleground Athletic Complex. Located just off campus, the Battleground is home to several of the Eagles' athletic teams. In addition to soccer, the field hockey, baseball, softball, and track teams play at the various fields here.

Typically, the soccer team plays on the grass field at the Battleground, which has no special name, but they will occasionally play on the turf field. Check the schedule or website before the game to confirm.

Food & Beverage 1

There is no concession stand at the Battleground Athletic Complex. When Stadium Journey visited for homecoming, they had a tailgate area with food in the parking lot behind one of the goals. This is only a feature for homecoming, not every game, but it is still worthy of a star here.

Atmosphere 3

The Mary Washington Eagles put a decent effort into the matchday experience at what is a pretty basic stadium. Bleachers line one end of the field, putting fans close to the action, with a small scoreboard located at one end. As mentioned above, homecoming at Mary Washington revolves around soccer, something that you don't see at most other schools even those, like the Eagles, with no football team. Homecoming has a tremendous atmosphere with a tailgate area a dance floor and mascot appearances, but even if you don't go to homecoming, you will still get a chance to watch soccer up close and personal.

Neighborhood 4

The Battleground is located just off I-95 in Fredericksburg. It is in a residential area near the UMW campus, but if you head back towards Route 3, you will find many options. The Metro Diner is a local favorite, and Cook Out serves up burgers and more at a great value. There are many other options up and down Route 3 from Mexican to Salvadoran to Thai to Mediterranean cuisine. However, you may have to drive a bit to get there.

Fans 5

UMW is one of the top teams in Division III in attendance, regularly drawing several hundred fans a game and sometimes drawing over a thousand. The fans are loud, passionate, and knowledgeable of their team. The crowd extends beyond friends and family to alumni and locals. Although UMW is a small school, they have a mighty fan base. It is rare in college, especially Division III, to see a fan base that cares about soccer like this, but the Mary Washington Eagles have some of the best fans in the country, not just at Division III, but at any level.

Access 4

The Battleground is just off I-95 in Fredericksburg, so it is easy to get to. However, keep in mind the portion of I-95 between Washington and Fredericksburg is one of the most congested stretches of highway in the nation, so allot extra time.

The extension of the Express Lanes to Fredericksburg will help alleviate traffic if they are running southbound at the time of your trip, but if you want to use them to speed by traffic, expect to pay a massive toll unless you have at least three people in your vehicle and the EZ-Pass Flex transponder set in the right mode.

Once at the Battleground, parking is available in a lot in the back of the complex. This costs $20 on Homecoming but is free on all other days. You can also park on the street - this is free even on Homecoming but can get crowded fast.

There are no permanent restrooms at The Battleground, but Port-a-Potties are available behind both goals.

Return on Investment 5

Admission to all UMW soccer games, with the possible exception of conference and NCAA tournament matches, is free. Parking is free except on homecoming, and there are ways around even that if you want. The only cost will be the gas to get here, and the toll if you choose to take the Express Lanes on I-95 without being eligible to take them for free as an HOV.

Extras 2

One star for UMW revolving around their Homecoming activities around soccer. This shows they truly care about the sport, something few colleges do. A second and final star for the energetic fan base.

Final Thoughts

Most schools, especially at Division III, do not consider soccer to be a major sport. The University of Mary Washington is the exception to that rule. With a party-like atmosphere, large crowds, and great energy, a UMW soccer game is well worth checking out for any fan in the Fredericksburg area.

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